About Lauren

Lauren Book is a nationally acclaimed advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As a child, Lauren experienced years of unspeakable sexual abuse and has fought to overcome the tragic impact of that abuse. Since 2007, she has used her personal strength to become a nationally recognized leader in the fight to stop childhood sexual abuse. As a strong and active voice for abused children she has worked for tougher laws to make sure repeat violent offenders are kept off the streets and away from their intended victims.

Since being elected to the Florida Senate in 2016 she has turned that energy, enthusiasm, and passion to a higher calling and begun a new phase of tireless advocacy.

Lauren learned at an early age that working through the legislature and helping shape the laws that protect those who are vulnerable and have no voice can be an effective way to impact change.

Now Lauren is a State Senator and Senate Democratic Leader!

Lauren ran to give a new voice to those who have no voice…to stand up for working families who have been forgotten by the politicians in Tallahassee…to fight for Broward County…and to make a real difference in the lives of average everyday people.

Our District

Why I’m Running


“I know what it’s like to feel helpless, scared and alone. I also know that many Floridians — working families, retirees and average everyday people all across our state — have watched Tallahassee politicians turn their backs on them.

I am running to change that.

I am running to make a difference for the hardworking families of Florida, to give a voice to those who often feel left out and to fight for Broward County.

We need someone who will stand up for Democratic ideals and for the values that made our country great…things like rewarding those who work hard, building world class schools, and fighting for those who have no voice.

I know we can change the culture of failure in Tallahassee and I know we can put people — real people — first.

THAT is why I am running.”

— Lauren

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