I am so thankful to have the support of many different people and groups. Their continued support keeps me going in this campaign.

“Lauren Book’s fearless leadership in advocating on behalf of sexual assault survivors and children makes her a true asset to our South Florida community.”
U.S. Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“Lauren Book has been an amazing advocate for children. She has created educational programs that help give kids the tools they need to protect themselves from sexual predators. Her insight and experience would make Lauren an incredible advocate for children in Tallahassee.”
Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel

“I am excited to have great democratic candidates like Lauren who have strong backgrounds of service, advocacy and leadership. Democrats like Lauren are what south Florida’s next generation of leaders look like.”
State Senator, Oscar Braynon

“I am thrilled to endorse my friend, Lauren Book, to be Broward County’s next state senator. Lauren is a strong, wonderful, dedicated and passionate person who has made a true positive difference in the lives of countless people throughout our country and beyond. I am excited that Lauren is going to take her passion and dedication to the Florida State Senate. I wholeheartedly believe that Lauren will be an exemplary state senator for Broward County and the great state of Florida.”
Broward County Vice Mayor, Marty Kiar

“Lauren Book understands what it means to give back to her community, to work hard for the benefit of others, and to passionately pursue a better tomorrow for those less fortunate. Lauren has successfully overcome some tremendous obstacles in her own life and, in the process, positively impacted and improved the lives of many other victims. With her experience, expertise, work ethic, and big heart, Lauren will certainly be a public servant who listens, who learns, who cares, and who will definitely make a difference.”
Ft. Lauderdale Mayor, John P. “Jack” Seiler

“Lauren, you have proven to be an incredible and resilient woman. We are confident you will be a great leader and asset to not only your Senate District #32 constituents but all Floridians. Law enforcement relies on public officials and we strive to endorse the very best candidates. We believe that you are one, and we wish you a successful campaign.”
Broward County Police Benevolent Association

“We believe that you will honorably serve the citizens of Florida, and the interests of the men and women employed in the Fire and Emergency Medical Services, who have made the protection of life and property their life’s work.”
Florida Professional Firefighters

“We are impressed with her knowledge of many medical issues and willingness to learn about those issues unfamiliar to her. We are also impressed with Lauren’s knowledge of state issues and enthusiasm to serve the State of Florida and Broward County.”
Broward Allied Medical Political Action Committee